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There’s bookkeepers, and then there’s SSFin bookkeepers! Bookkeeping is not just about hitting a ‘reconcile’ button and calling it a day. We know how important it is for businesses to have accurate and timely financial information at their fingertips. 

Our team of experienced bookkeepers will start by reconciling your transactions, but take a look below to see how else they help business owners. From entering bills to monitoring your accounts payable and receivable and assisting with software integrations, you have come to the right place for professional bookkeeping and more.

We love Xero accounting software and our bookkeepers are Xero specialists. But if Xero is not your thing, we have an in-house MYOB expert as well.

Here is what our BOOKKEEPING division can do for your business
The Slack-Smith Financial Accounting Team.
Bookkeeping Services


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